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Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta

versão impressa ISSN 0872-1904

Port. Electrochim. Acta v.29 n.1 Coimbra  2011


Corrosion Inhibition of Some Organic Compounds on Low Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution


Omyma R. Khalifa and Shadia M. Abdallah*

Department of Chemistry, University College of Women for Arts, Science, and Education, Ain Shams University, Asma Fahmy Street, Heliopolis-11341, Cairo, Egypt


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201101047



The effect of N-[N`-(4-methoxyphenyl)benzenesulphonamido]-3-carboxy-4-methyl-4-(4-methylphenyl)-3-butenamide 1, N-(N`-phenylbenzenesulphonamido)-3-carboxy-4-methyl-4-(4-methylphenyl)-3-butenamide 2, and N-[N`-(4-chlorophenyl)benzenesul-phonamido]-3-carboxy-4-methyl-4-(4-methylphenyl)-3-butenamide 3, on the corrosion of low carbon steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution has been studied by weight loss measurements  and potentiodynamic technique over the temperature range 30-60 °C. Results obtained showed that protection efficiency increased with the increase in concentration of the different organic compounds used and decreased with the increase in temperature. Langmuir adsorption isotherm at all temperatures was studied. The phenomenon of physical adsorption is proposed from the values of Ea and ∆G˚ads. Results obtained showed that compound 1 is the best inhibitor, and the protection efficiency follows the order: 1 > 2 > 3.

Keywords: corrosion, protection, steel, benzenesulphonamidobutenamide derivatives.


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* Corresponding author. E-mail address:

Received 27 October 2010; accepted 20 January 2011

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