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Análise Psicológica

 ISSN 0870-8231

GARCIA, Raquel Hernández; ZAFRA, Aurelio Olmedilla    TORO, Enrique Ortega. Ansiedad y autoconfianza de jóvenes judokas en situaciones competitivas de alta presión. []. , 26, 4, pp.689-696. ISSN 0870-8231.

This study was an attempt to approximate the state of anxiety and self-confidence that young judokas experience in the moments before high pressure competition. The purpose of the study was to determine if there are differences between under-14 and under-16 judokas with regard to anxiety and self-confidence in this situational context. A total of 97 male judokas, 49 of which were from the under-14 category and 48 of which were from the under-16 category, participated in the study. The Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 by Martens, Vealey, and Burton (1990), which evaluates cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence, was utilized. The administration of the test was carried out during the Spanish national judo championship. The results demonstrate significant differences between the under-14 and under-16 judokas with regard to the values obtained in cognitive anxiety and somatic anxiety (the under-14 judokas had higher scores), although this did not occur with the values obtained in self-confidence. The adaptive processes of the higher-level judokas to better handle the stressful demands of the competition is discussed, as well as the suitability of further studies with samples of young judokas that would allow for a better familiarization of the process and the evolution of the manifestations of anxiety and the strategies or resources that can be used to handle it.

: Anxiety; CSAI-2; Judo; Self-Confidence.

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