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Análise Psicológica

 ISSN 0870-8231

MAROCO, João; TECEDEIRO, Miguel; MARTINS, Pedro    MEIRELES, Ana. O Burnout como factor hierárquico de 2ª ordem da Escala de Burnout de Maslach. []. , 26, 4, pp.639-649. ISSN 0870-8231.

The psychometric properties of the MBI-SS (Schaufeli et al., 2002) were evaluated in a convenience sample of 300 Portuguese college students. The 3-factor original structure had poor fit to the data, although it showed reasonable internal consistency (αstratified=0.79). We considered the observed statistically significant correlations between the 3 original factors, the skewness of the original items, as well as the construct validity, and proposed a 2nd hierarchal structure that we named burnout. This 2nd order factor structure showed higher factorial validity and higher internal consistency (αstratified=0.83) than teh original scale.

: Burnout; Cynicism; Exhaustion; Reduced efficacy; Reliability; Students; Validity.

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