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Análise Psicológica

 ISSN 0870-8231

GOMEZ, Rita    LEAL, Isabel. Ajustamento conjugal: Características psicométricas da versão portuguesa da Dyadic Adjustment Scale. []. , 26, 4, pp.625-638. ISSN 0870-8231.

The Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS; Spanier, 1976) is considered to be one of the best measures of marital quality. The goal of this study was to analyze the psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the DAS. The sample was constituted of 207 participants (103 women and 104 men) who were married to or cohabiting with the partner for at least six months. Confirmatory factor analyses revealed a good fit of the multidimensional factor structure proposed originally. The alpha was .897 for the global scale, and varied between .655 and .849 for the four sub-scales. Additional analyses (including of test-retest reliability and the association of scores with various variables) provided further evidence for similar psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the DAS as compared to the original version. The results of the present study also suggest that the Satisfaction sub-scale (10 itens) can be used as a short-form of the original DAS when the aim is to evaluate marital adjustment in global terms.

: Couples; Family; Marital therapy; Marriage; Psychological assessment.

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