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Form and preparation of manuscripts

Texts to come out in “TOXICODEPENDÊNCIAS” must be originals and unpublished. Texts publication will rely, first of all, on their scientifical and/or technical credits. Received papers are subject to appreciation by anonymous peer review.

Texts must
1. Have a title and be organised in sections (subtitles).
2. Have 10 pages maximum (4600 characters per page).
3. Be printed in double space, with large margins in A4 paper size.
4. Mention in the first page: title, author(s) name(s), complete address, telephone number and a short curriculum susceptible to be published. Be according to standardised scientific rules.
5. Annotations will be numbered and included in the end of the text. Bibliographical references must be alphabetically ordered, mentioning author(s), publication year, title, edition place and publisher. For magazines: author(s), publishing year, title, magazine’s name, volume, number and pages. Texts’ titles and books’ chapters must be written within commas and books’ and magazines’ titles in italics.

You must send us
1. Submit your paper online (see bellow for how to Submit.)
2. Or by mail:
a) two typed copies;
b) CD version (Microsoft Word for texts, Power Point for graphics – PC). In case of graphics please send us the co-ordinates in order to permit its transcription. When the text has images, they should have enough quality to be printed offset (with the final dimensions 300 dpis), in tiff or jpg format, and you should keep in mind that the images and the graphs will be printed in one colour (black).
3. Abstract – texts must enclose a 200 words maximum abstract in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish versions (whenever possible).
4. Key Words – please mention 3 to 7 key words from the text.

Press-proofs may be submitted to authors’ revision. You cannot, in any case, enlarge or modify the original version. Revised texts must be returned in five days maximum.

Reference ethical patterns

The submission of manuscripts implies an ethical commitment. Thus, the authors state, in an attached letter, their authorship responsibilities relativelty to the texts in question.

They must also explicitly declare that: a) the manuscript will not be published, in the whole or in part, in any other way, or in any other publication;

b) when the articles are co-authored, all authors and co-authors have participated personally and actively in the making of the text, and that they consider themselves responsible for all of its contents;

c) in the elaboration process of the submitted studies, all the protection rights of patients were respected.

Magazine’s Direction and Editorial Council reserve themselves the right to publish the accepted texts in Toxicodependências most convenient number. Texts and other information, such as scientifical formal meetings, drug addiction related events or works to be published, must be addressed to:

Revista “Toxicodependências”
IDT – Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodependência, I.P.
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