First page

The title is concise, short and suitably informative.
The names of the authors are correct and are the 2 or 3 names normally used in clinical or scientific activities.
All the authors meet the authorship criteria.
The degrees or titles held by the authors have been indicated.
The places, institutions or services to which the authors are affiliated have been indicated.

Second page

The name, phone/fax number/email address and postal address of the author corresponding with the journal regarding the manuscript have been indicated.
The name, email address and postal address of the author to whom correspondence on the article should be addressed after publication have been indicated.

Third page

Title of the article has been given in the required languages
The Abstract follows the journal's rules for the type of article in question and has been given in the required languages.
Two to six appropriate keywords been given in the required languages.
The article typology (section of the journal for which it is intended) has been indicated

Next pages

The article text follows the rules of the journal and does not exceed the established limits..
Each section of the article starts on a new page.
The literature references are properly marked and numbered throughout the text.
The illustrations are properly marked in the text and numbered in the order in which they are mentioned.
The figures are numbered with Arabic numerals and the tables with Roman numerals.

First page after the text (acknowledgments, if any)

The internationally accepted rules have been strictly respected. Specifically, permission to cite the names of individuals to be thanked for contributions has been obtained.

First page after the acknowledgments (references)

The literature references are properly marked and numbered in the text.
The documents referenced have been carefully checked and are listed according to the Vancouver style guidelines.

Next pages (illustrations)

All the tables are numbered and have a suitable title.
All other illustrations are numbered and identified.
The names of the electronic files containing images should make it easy to find the illustration to which they refer (ie, Figure_1.jpg)
All the illustrations are of good enough quality to allow their direct reproduction.
Each illustration is duly marked in the text and is presented separately.
Photographs and/or slides are duly identified (Arabic numerals) with an adhesive label on the back or in the margin.
The authors hold all the rights to the images.
Informed consent has been obtained from patients in photographs allowing the reproduction of their image in the PJGPF, per the attached form.

Request to publish

The original of the text (including illustrations) has been sent by email in Microsoft Word, RTF or Open Office format (text, tables and diagrams) and JPEG, TIF or EPS (illustrations).
The form for authors, duly completed and signed by all the authors, has been sent by post.
For original studies, a copy of the report by the ethics committee that assessed the work.
For case reports, a statement of informed consent signed by the patient motivating the case report.
If there is a photograph of the patient(s), an informed consent statement signed by the patient photographed.
This checklist has been completed and sent by email.