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Scope and policy


• The Revista Lusófona de Educação publishes originals articles in the domain of the education science investigation and in all the related domains. It’s a journal with interdisciplinary characteristics.
• The articles that arrive to us are subject to the appreciation of the wording counsel and, later, to the examination policy. The articles contained it’s full responsibility of the author.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


1. The papers must be original, written in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.

2. The papers should be submitted online, after registration, using the website of the Revista Lusófona de Educação (RLE) at the following email address:

3. The online submissions should be made anonymously, i.e., the paper should not make any references either to the authors or to institutions where these may work. Personal data will be inserted into the proper place for such purpose.

4. Affiliation of the author and/or authors must include the name of the home institution at three levels (Ex: University, Faculty and Department/Center), postal code, city, country and e-mail address. In the case of the author of correspondence, you should add the full address. The same author can not submit more than one article per year.

5. Formatting: Font size: Times New Roman, 12; 1.5 line space justified on both margins, not exceeding 3 cm. Quotations with more than 4 lines must be single spaced with a left indent of 4 inches, using font 11. The author must always use endnotes (Times New Roman, 10, single spaced). Papers must have a minimum of 30,000 and a maximum of 40,000 characters (with spaces) including graph, tables, images, endnotes, and references.

6. Articles must be preceded by an abstract in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish (of 1,200 to 1,500 characters with spaces) and 3 to 5 keywords separated by a comma. The abstract should explicit the general theme, the problematics, the objective, the methodology and the major findings.

7. All authors who submit their papers for publication to the RLE shall assume the commitment of not submitting them to other journals, unless the papers are not published within one year. Simultaneously, they should give the editorial board of the RLE the permission for indexing them in international networks of published papers. The contents of the texts and the opinions expressed in them, such as references to previously published images or graphs, are the sole responsibility of the authors.

8. The favourable opinions of the referees do not imply automatically that the papers will be published. The non-immediate publication relates rather to the editorial policy of the RLE, and to the volume of papers submitted to it and positively evaluated. Should the paper not be published within one year, the author is free to submit it to other publications, giving prior notice to the editorial board.

9. The bibliographic references used by the Revista Lusófona de Educação are the ones of the APA (American Psychological Association): all quotations should be inserted in the text, according to the same standards. The notes, when present, must always be endnotes, and must appear before the references. These should not exceed 25.

a) Article published in scientific journals: Cerqueira, M. F. & Martins, A. O. (2011). A consolidação da educação e formação profissional na escola secundária nos últimos 50 anos em Portugal. Revista Lusófona de Educação, 17, 123-145.

b) Book by a single author: Teodoro, A. (2010). Educação, Globalização e Neoliberalismo. Os novos modos de regulação transnacional das políticas de educação. Lisboa: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas.

c) Book by more than one author: Fernandes, R., Lopes, A. & Filho, L.M. de F. (Org.) (2006). Para a compreensão histórica da infância. Porto: Campo das Letras.

c) Chapter in a book: Zabalza, M. A. (2003). A construção do currículo: a diversidade numa escola para todos. In O. C. de Sousa & Ricardo, M. M. C. (Org.). Uma escola com sentido: o currículo em análise e debate (pp. 171-194). Lisboa: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas.

d) Unpublished dissertations: Mendes, M. M. C. (2004). As faces de Janus. As políticas educativas em matéria de cidadania nos anos 90 em Portugal. Dissertação de Mestrado. Lisboa: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

e) Unpublished Theses: Coimbra, M. N. C. T. (2011). O Círculo de escrita. O texto argumentativo e a consciência metalinguística no ensino secundário. Tese de doutoramento. Lisboa: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

f) Papers consulted on electronic indexes: Brás, J.G. & Gonçalves, M.N. (2009). Os saberes e poderes da reforma de 1905. Revista Lusófona de Educação,13, 101-121 [Disponível em, consultado em 24/04/2013].



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