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Scope and policy

  • Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia / The Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology publishes papers (original articles, revised articles, updated articles, case reports, letters to the editor, book reviews, etc) which are directly or indirectly related to the respiratory system.
    The opinions expressed are the exclusive responsibility of the authors.
  • The articles published are the intellectual property of Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia/ The Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology and may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, without permission from the editor.
  • All original articles shall be also printed in English, after being translated by the Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia / The Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology´s translators. Authors may submit their articles already translated, if they so wish.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

All submissions are subject to a screening process by the Journal’s Scientific Board. There are three assessments possible:
a) accepted for publication as is;
b) accepted for publication after the proposed alterations, accepted by the authors;
c) rejected.

Manuscript instructions – The manuscripts submitted should be in Portuguese, typed, doubled spaced with ample (25mm) margins, and on one side of A4 sized paper. Three copies should be submitted, with the pages numbered in the upper right corner.

All articles submitted for publication must be sent in addition in a computerised format. The computer program used must be clearly stated, and particular attention must be paid to the reproduction of images, which should ideally be in JPG or TIFF format, to give a clear printed quality.

If an image, figure or graph has been previously published, written permission from the editor in question must be submitted to safeguard the author’s intellectual property rights.

Articles may also be submitted in English. In this case, the summary, the title and key words should also be submitted in Portuguese.

The authors should categorise their submissions as original articles, revised articles, case studies, letters to the editor, technical notes, etc.

All original articles shall be also printed in English, after being translated by the Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia / The Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology´s translators. Authors may submit their articles already translated, if they so wish.

Form – As far as possible, the convention will be observed of beginning each new part of the paper on a new page and in the following order:
a) First page:
- the full title of the paper in Portuguese and English;
b) Second page:
- the full names of the authors and their academic and /or professional titles;
- the full name and address of the institution(s) at which the work was carried out and the full name of the institution(s) director(s).
c) Following page(s):
- a summary in Portuguese, not exceeding 250 words for original articles and 150 for case reports;
- a summary in English, with identical characteristics to that in Portuguese;
- between three and 10 key words in Portuguese and English, which will be used to index the article, using terms from the Medical Subject Headings list of the Index Medicus.
d) Original articles shall include, as a general rule, the following: Introduction, Subjects and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.
e) Original articles may be written in English if the authors so wish.
f) Acknowledgments.
g) References.
h) Tables and Figures.

References – The bibliographical references should be numbered consecutively, in the order in which they are cited in the text and should be identified in the text with Arabic numerals. Each reference to a journal article should contain the surname and initial of the first author followed by the rest. These should be followed by the title of the article, the title of the publication and its identifying years, volume number and the page numbers.

Tables and Figures – Each table and figure should be on a separate page, and in such conditions as to be reproduced. Each table and figure should have its own brief description on a separate page and bear its sequence number on its back, written in pencil. Each table and figure should be represented via a copy of the original.

Alterations and changes – Should an article be accepted for publication subject to alteration, these must be made by the authors within a twenty day period.

Publishing proofs – These are the editorial board’s responsibility, unless the authors state otherwise. Should this latter be the case, the proofs should be concluded within a deadline set by the editorial board, in line with the editorial norms of the Journal.

Reprints – Twenty-five reprints will be provided for each paper. Additional reprints may be supplied, and the expense borne by the authors, provided that the authors request this before publishing commences.

Letters to the editor – These should contain a critical appraisal of a Journal article or a small comment on a theme or a case study. They should not exceed 500 words, contain more than one table or figure and have a maximum of 6 bibliographical references. Authors’ replies should observe these same norms.

Submissions for publication – Papers should be sent to the editorial board, addressed to the editor: Serviço de Pneumologia – Piso 8 – Hospital de Santa Maria – Av. Prof. Egas Moniz – 1600 Lisboa, Portugal. Papers may also be sent to the Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia office: SPP – Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 112 – 2º Dt B –1150-281 Lisboa, Portugal. Submissions should be accompanied by a letter requesting that the work be submitted for publication, signed by all of the authors, stating that they waive their intellectual property rights and that they work has not be published or submitted for publication in any other Portuguese of international journal. Work already published or already sent to other journals will be rejected.

Papers may also be sent via electronic mail to:

Final note – For a fuller clarification of this matter, a reading of the requirements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, published in full in the N Eng J Med 1991; 324:424-428, is advised.


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