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Full title of the journal: Revista Portuguesa de Inmunoalergología

The Portuguese Journal of Immunoallergology is the official journal of Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. This is, actually, the sole Portuguese scientific journal exclusively devoted to the publication and disclosure of topics in immunoallergology, covering all age groups and a wide range of subjects; from allergen biology to its methods of collection or identification, from the assessment of the diagnostic methods utility to the evaluation of therapeutic interventions, from the identification of prognostic factors to the epidemiology of diseases and allergic sensitization. The Portuguese Journal of Immunoallergology has started publishing, on a regular basis, in 1991.


Currently, it has a periodicity of 4 annual numbers, each one with a print run of 2000 copies, including review articles, original research articles and case reports from the different national Immunoallergology Departments, as well as from other Departments with interest in this area of Medicine and some international reference centers. Comments to recent papers of the specialty, as well as news of interest to the specialty in Portugal are also elaborated, at the invitation of the Editorial Board. The Portuguese Journal of Immunoallergology has been one of the preferred means to spread the knowledge in immunoallergology produced in Portugal since 1991.

Review articles may be submitted at the author’s initiative or solicited by the Editorial Board. In either way, they are also subject to the critical analysis of two peer reviewers designated by the Editor. The original articles are always submitted, anonymously, for peer review by two scientific reviewers designated by the Editor-in-chief and, additionally, to a methodological and a statistical reviewer, who analyze the adequacy of methods, in general, and the adequacy of the used methods/statistical tests, in particular, when applicable. Case reports are also submitted, anonymously, for peer review, by two scientific reviewers designated by the Editor-in-chief.

Any of the above cited types of papers (review articles, original articles and case reports) is rated based on a scale, with total scores ranging from 2 to 9. All papers scored less than 6 will be rejected. For the accepted papers, reviewers may suggest amendments or make comments, which will be done by the authors. The amended manuscript is, then, re-submitted to the same reviewers for a re-appreciation. This procedure may be repeated as many times as deemed necessary by the reviewers.

Both the bibliographic citations and the choice of key words follow the international guidelines.

Currently, the original articles, case reports and review articles are also published, in English language, at the Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology website. Despite of the eventual international indexations and of the advantage of the English language as a common language, we wanted to keep the RPIA Journal in Portuguese language as well, not only as a sign of national identity, but also to facilitate the spread of the Journal in Portugal, in Brazil and in the Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Translations into English language are carried out by a certified translator, of English nationality, living in Portugal. These back-translations are, then, reviewed by a certified Portuguese translator and, ultimately, by an element of the Editorial Board and by the Editor-in-chief, thus, trying to keep the top medical and literary quality of the translations.

Finally, the RPIA contents can be accessed free of charge, through the Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology website (

Periodicity: Revista Portuguesa de Inmunoalergología is published quarterly

Abbreviated title: Rev. Port. Imunoalergologia

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