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Scope and policy

“Ciência e Técnica Vitivinícola” publishes original papers, research notes and reviews in Portuguese, in French and in English, in different areas of viticulture and Enology science and technology.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Manuscripts on 21x29.7 cm paper (A4) should be typed in Times New Roman characters (type 12, normal style, text margins of of 2,5 cm upper, lower, right and left, paragraph spaces in the text of 6 points “before” and “after”), spaces of 1.5 and justified.

 At the beginning of each article, indicate: the title in capital letters (type 14, bold), centred; the title in Portuguese in capital letters (type12, bold), centred; the names of the authors, preceded by the full first name and the initials of the other first names (type12, bold); the full name and address of the institutions of the authors (type 10).

 Articles should be presented in the following form (the sub-titles of the different parts must be in capital letters, type 12, bold, centred and paragraph spaces of 6 points before and after):

a)   SUMMARY (type 10);

b)   Keywords (no more than 5, in both title languages, type 10);





g)   RESUMO (in Portuguese, type 10);

h)   RÉSUMÉ(in French, type 10);


j)   REFERENCES (spacing of 1 and paragraph spaces of 6 points before).

 The TABLES must be numbered in Roman and their titles written in English and Portuguese, in separate sheets. The title of each table should be positioned above it.

The figures, numbered in Arabic numerals, must be presented in separate sheets, centred. Their legends, write in English and Portuguese, should also be presented in separate sheets.

Units of the International System of Units should be used.

References should be cited in the text as follows - Silva and Almeida (1940) or (Silva and Almeida, 1940). When there are more than two authors, only the first author should be cited, followed by et al.. At the end of the article, references should be listed by authors in alphabetical order, and in date order for the same authors as follows:

- Standard journal article

Duarte F.L., Clímaco M.C., 1991. Utilização da mistura azeotrópica pentano-diclorometano no doseamento de constituintes voláteis dos vinhos. Ciência Tec. Vitiv., 10, 23-31;

- Book

Esau K., 1965. Plant Anatomy. 767 p. John Wiley & Sons Inc, New York;

- Chapter in a book

Versini G., Odello L., 1991. Grappa: Considerations on the italian traditional distillation. In: Les eaux-de-vie traditionelles d’origine viticole. 32-37. Bertrand A. (ed.), Lavoisier-TEC & DOC, Paris;

- Thesis

Alves M.A.C., 1992. Caracterização química de quatro castas produtoras de Vinho do Porto durante a maturação. 175 p. Tese de Doutoramento, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.

  When necessary, indicate a source by “personal communication” or “unpublished date” in parentheses.

 The manuscripts (3 copies) and a 3,5” diskette must be submitted to “Ciência e Técnica Vitivinícola”.

 The manuscripts reviewed by the referees are returned to the principal author. The proofs carefully corrected should be returned within 10 days of receipt. If this period is exceeded, the editor reserves the right to exclude or to transfer for the next publication number.

 Copyright: if the manuscript is accepted for publication, copyright will be assigned exclusively to the Publisher.


Editorial plan

The Ciência e Técnica Vitivinicola publishes fundamental and applied research papers, as well as research notes and reviews, in the a broad scientific area dealing with enology, viticulture and vitiviniculture economy.

The Editors may exercise their prerogative to reject a manuscript without peer review if that paper is judged to be outside the scope of the journal. Peer review is used to help ensure the highest possible quality in published manuscripts. Typically, three reviewers are selected per paper on the basis of the subject matter, available expertise, and the Editor’s knowledge of the field. The reviewer’s criticisms are returned to the authors for the necessary corrections. The authors are responsible for the revision of the first galley proofs


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