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Form and preparation of manuscripts


Types of contributions


The Editorial Board will consider for publication original papers, short communications, reviews and special features (e.g. case studies, training) related with the scientific field of corrosion/degradation and protection of materials.



Manuscripts can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish and submitted by e-mail ( The file format must be “Word”. Manuscripts must not exceed 25 pages A4, including tables and figures, with double line spacing and font type and size “Arial 12”. All text margins must have a width of 2.0 cm. Pages must be numbered sequentially, including the first page and in the center.

Manuscripts should include the following headings in sequential order:

- Title, short and explanatory, in bold type, capital letters and font size 12.

- Authors (text centered) with an asterisk indicating the author to whom correspondence should be addressed.

The affiliation shall be indicated for all authors and include the name of the Instituition at three levels (e.g. University, Faculty and Department/Centre), postcode, city, country and e-mail address. In the case of the corresponding author should be add to their complete address.

The affiliation must be numbered and listed sequentially in a footnote. ((1), (2),...).

- Abstract may not exceed 125 words with single spacing between lines. Keywords (maximum 6) in bold, italic type, with text alignment left. If the manuscript is written in English or Spanish, the authors should add the title, abstract and key words in Portuguese. If it is written in Portuguese, the authors should include the title, abstract and key words in English.

- In the introduction the authors must accurately present the scientific or technological context of their work as well as the aim of the paper. For instance, they must summarize the state of the art with references, thus evidencing the contribution of the paper to knowledge.

- In the experimental methodologies, results and discussion sections, all units must be specified according to the SI system. Figures and tables must be clear, centered in the text and as much as possible comprehensible without the need to consult other information. Table headings, in bold type, must be centered. All graphics, sketches, photographs and special symbology must be presented in good quality (600 dpi) and must be send separately in jpeg, bmp or tiff format. Figures must be listed as “Fig.”.

- Manuscripts should end with clear conclusions, except in those cases where this is not appropriate (e.g. review articles).

- Acknowledgements must not exceed 5 lines with font size 10.

- References must be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text in square brackets [1], and presented at the end of the manuscript, always including authors, title of the work (or book) and the journal titles in italics, abbreviated, followed by the volume number, pages and year of publication in brackets, or, in the case of books, the publisher, city and year.


The journal abbreviations should be written accordingly to the following indications:

Index Medicus journal abbreviations:;

List of title word abbreviations:;

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service):




Journals: [63] D. Wang and G.P. Bierwagen, Prog. Org. Coat., 64, 327-338 (2009).

Books: [64] E. Almeida (Corrosão Atmosférica do Aço), in Corrosão Atmosférica. Mapas de Portugal (M. E. M. Almeida e M. G. S. Ferreira, ed.), INETI/IMP/LTR, Lisboa, Portugal, pp. 15-38 (1997).

Proceedings: [65] C. Arroyave, F. Echeverria and F. Herrera (NO2 Measurements in Atmospheric Corrosion Studies) in Proceedings of Symposium on Outdoor Atmospheric Corrosion, May, Phoenix, USA (2001).

Standards: [66] ISO 9227: 2012. (Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests), ISO, Geneve, Switzerland (2012).



Headings must be written in bold type, with text alignment left, numbered and in capital letters (e.g. 1. INTRODUCTION, 2. METHODOLOGIES, etc.).

All manuscripts submitted for publication will be sent to referees. Once the manuscript has been received, the Editorial Board reserves the right to make other recommendations to authors besides those mentioned here. Authors must carefully check the print proofs and return the corrected versions by e-mail (, within 2 days after receiving the proofs.



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