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Scope and policy

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal is an academic journal published on a half-yearly basis, with articles that are evaluated by a committee of referees known as the External Evaluation Committee.

It follows an open access policy, allowing the reading, copying, distribution, printing, and searching of its articles and links to its full text. This publication is designed to reinforce the role of the Lisbon Municipal Archives among the academic community through the dissemination of academic studies, research projects and sources about its documentary records.

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal has as its director the person who is responsible for the management of the Lisbon Municipal Archives or whoever has the powers that are attributed to this position. He is responsible for guaranteeing the publication of the journal in accordance with the pre-established frequency. He is also responsible for the fulfilment of its editorial policy and the journal's access and continuity in internacional repositories. The director delegates the executive function to the Editorial Board.

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal have an Academic Advisory Board that plays an advisory role and is composed of researchers of recognised merit and wide experience in academic publications. It is the role of the Academic Advisory Board to validate editorial policy, the choice of the Academic Coordinator and the theme of each issue.

This academic journal has also an External Evaluation Committee, composed of a panel of researchers with acknowledge credit, chosen from different academic fields from Portuguese or foreign institutions, who guarantee a process of blind peer review.

Each number has an Academic Coordinator who has the responsibility to establish the guidelines for the issue that he/she will coordinate, to publicise the call for papers among his/her peers, to evaluate and select the academic articles proposed for the edition and to propose reviewers to the Editorial Board.

Each issue is subordinated to a theme and the documents of the Lisbon Archives should be used to contribute to the articles' scientific argumentation.

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal publishes scientific articles, dissemination articles, book reviews, among others. All the proposals must use records from the Lisbon Municipal Archives, except for book reviews.

The submission of academic articles is the result of a call for papers.

The articles submitted, as well as other contributions proposed for publication, must be original, previously unpublished, pertinent and innovative. They may not be under consideration for publication by another publisher at the same time, or simultaneously be proposed for inclusion in another journal. Any instance of plagiarism or autoplagianism implies the immediate exclusion of the article from consideration for publication.

The articles proposed for publication are submitted to an editorial process that takes place over various phases, with both the submission of the article and the respective procedures being free of charge. In the first place, the articles received for possible publication are subjected to a preliminary assessment on the part of the Editorial Board and the Academic Coordinator of each issue. Once established the formal and thematic requirements, the article is sent to two anonymous external academic reviewers, which, in a double-blind peer review, will decide its publication without changes, after corrections ou its rejection. In the event of any discrepancies between the two reviews, the article will be sent to a third reviewer, who will decide upon its eventual publication. In all cases, there may be no appeal lodged against the process of peer review.

The reviewers have access to an academic evaluation form where their comments and suggestions are written, which is subsequently sent to the authors.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the communication between the authors and the reviewers and both identities are not, in any circumstances, revealed.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Guidelines for articles

·         Word file, formatted in A4 pages, using a font of Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing;

•  Languages: Portuguese (in accordance with the new orthographic agreement), Spanish, French or English;

•  Title in the language of the text, in English and Portuguese;

•  Full name of the author(s), without abbreviations, and their institutional framework (example: initials, followed by the name of the research centre in full, Faculty / University, post code, country);

•  Date of submission of the article;

•  E-mail address of the author(s);

•  Abstract with a maximum of 150 words, in the language of the text, in English and Portuguese;

•  Up to 5 key words, which characterise the contents of the article, in the language of the text, in English and Portuguese;

•  Maximum of 25 pages (roughly 40,000 characters);

•  Maximum of 10 pictures, although this limit may be altered by the Editorial Board whenever justified;

•  Index of all pictures, tables, figures and graphs, numbered sequentially, with the associated caption and a mention of the exact place where these are to be inserted in the text;

•  References to sources and bibliography in the footnotes;

•  Citations of up to three lines to be incorporated into the body of the text, between inverted commas;

•  Citations of more than three lines are to be written as a separate paragraph, detached from the body of the text, in font size 11 and with a left indent, without inverted commas and with just a single space between lines;

•  Bibliographical references at the end of the article, divided between Sources and Studies (organised in accordance with the Portuguese Standard 405-1, 2, 3 e 4), for further details see: http://arquivomunicipal.cm-lisboa.pt/fotos/editor2/Cadernos/2serie/instrucoes_para_autores_2019_eng.pdf;

•  Pictures from the Lisbon Municipal Archive may be used in accordance with their availability on the website. When the publication of the issue is being prepared, these images will be replaced by high resolution versions.

•  Pictures that do not belong to the Lisbon Municipal Archive must be delivered in either JPEG or TIFF digital formats, with a resolution of 300 dpi, and with a minimum width of 1500 pixels.

Guidelines for book reviews

• To indicate the author, the title, the place of publication, the publisher and the date of publication according to the Portuguese Standard 405;

Maximum of 5 pages (roughly 8,000 characters);

Book reviews should follow the aforementioned guidelines for articles.

The authors have sole responsibility for obtaining the publication rights for the images that are used in their articles, when these are not taken from the Archive. Images will only be published on presentation of proof that permission has been granted for their publication.

The texts that do not comply with these rules will not be accepted for publication in the journal. The contents of the texts are the sole responsibility of the authors.

The texts should be sent to the following e-mail address: am.cadernos@cm-lisboa.pt

After the submission, the Editorial Board will ackowledge the author that it has received the text, within a maximum period of one week.

Instructions to authors:




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