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Basic Information

  • Title of the journal: Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal
  • Publisher: Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa – Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Portugal [Lisbon Municipal Archive]
  • Objectives of the journal:

    • To publicize the Lisbon Municipal Archive among the national and international academic community, to promote its recognition;

    • To promote and publicize the collections of the Lisbon Municipal Archives;

    • To provide the dissemination of records based on the Archives.
  • Areas of interest of the journal: Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Conservation, Heritage, History, Information Sciences, Photography, Political Science, Restoration, Sociology, Urbanism, among others;
  • History of the journal: The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal had a first printed edition with 10 issues. In 2014, the Lisbon Municipal Archive started a second edition on a half-yearly basis, with on-line exclusive access and blind peer review . An Editorial Board and an Academic Advisory Board were constituted, as well as an External Evaluation Committee who ensures the scientific quality of the academic journal.
  • Frequency: half-yearly basis (June and December)

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he journal Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal reserves the right to publish, reproduce and disseminate the articles on the website of the Lisbon Municipal Archive, in open access repositories and directories.

The journal Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal has adopted the Creative Commons CC BY-NC licence.

Readers may read, download, print or make reference to articles without the prior authorisation of the publication or the authors, provided that mention is made of the article's authorship and place of publication.

The acceptance of an article presupposes the transfer of the rights of publication from the author to the journal's editor. The authors are entirely responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce images or other material subject to copyright, property rights or any other rights.

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