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Scope and policy

  • Acknowledging that Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Feminist Studies have an increasing multidisciplinary character, as well as thematic diversity and plurality of theoretical and epistemological perspectives, the journal also has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character and is open to contributions of multiple disciplines and currents of thought. Considering that the founding structure of the journal is APEM (Portuguese Association of Women's Studies), the objective of ex æquo is to contribute to the transformation of stereotyped practices and representations on the basis of sex or other identity factors, namely by adopting a non-discriminatory and inclusive language that may help to promote equality. On the same vein, empirical research can and must be the basis for articles that include a theoretical thinking and contribute to the questioning of the main aspects that affect gender relations in society. ex aequo, while keeping a plurality and multiplicity of perspectives in the texts it publishes, reserves the right only to accept texts that reflect the value of diversity of the human being and of its integrity and dignity, respecting at the same time the principle of defence of fundamental Human Rights.
  • Areas of interest of the journal are Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Feminist Studies.
  • ex æquo publishes original texts in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, from all scientific areas, that fall within the framework of Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Feminist Studies. It publishes also bibliographical reviews of works in the same areas.
  • The journal is mainly addressed at researchers and students in its areas of interest; at the same time, it tries to reach the public at large, aiming at raising awareness in regard to the same areas of knowledge.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Check the “Guidelines for preparation and publication of manuscripts” of ex aequo at


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